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I flew out to Washington on the 9th of October, returning home to London on the 26th. The trip was bittersweet. Can you guess why? Because I had to leave!

For the first time since I was a little baby, I flew out to visit my mum’s side of the family. It was an emotional time, and a wondrous time. Additionally, my timing was no coincidence. I wanted my visit to coincide with a dream I’ve had for years now. To explore the PNW in the golden months of autumn. Did my dream disappoint? It surpassed all my expectations. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been. To find myself in those woods was like falling into a fairytale.

Amanita muscaria (yellow variant)

Though it’s a specific dream to explore the Olympic peninsula (next time), I spent most of my stay at my cousins apartment in Bellingham. I’m not complaining - Bellingham has a lot to say! Waterfalls, dense and lush forests, rivers, lakes, ocean… All within minutes drives of each other. It was a banquet of inspirations. I can’t wait to return again.

And the fungi…. Oooooh the fungi…. 😍 below are just some highlights from my trip. May you enjoy pouring over them even a fraction of how I enjoyed witnessing them; you’ll be very happy indeed.

Bellingham arboretum & nearby trails

Honey fungus, hare's foot inkcap, orange peel fungus, bearded lichen, solider & pixie cup lichen, fairy fingers, blackening waxcap. pinecone fungus and golden trumpets.

The sweetest racoon ever! My first time seeing one in real life.

Teddy bear cove

Chuckanut Falls

Fluted bird's nest fungus


Some time was also spent visiting my grandma and auntie in Spokane, where I saw many types of lichen. The air was so crisp and fresh, it’s no wonder the lichen prospers in such abundance.

Brown eyed wolf lichen

Brown eyed sunshine lichen ft a paper wasp

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