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Collaborations with Tamara Castagnaro

For all the people who said they'd like to see my designs in jewellery: your dreams have come true! And I couldn’t have asked for a better artist or friend to do that with. Amazing silversmith Tamara will be turning my designs in to stunning jewellery.  


We’ve a lot of ideas brewing together, but the first of out creations is our kitty jack-o’-lantern. Didn't she turn out just puuurfect? I love her so much. 🐈‍⬛🎃 


The first of many of my designs, recreated in silver, brass and copper. She's available to purchase on Tamara's website! But only four of her will ever be made, so get in quickly before they’re sold out. I adore her little whiskers, little swirl, and her leaves!

Kitty Jack-'O-Lantern

The second of our collabs: our lovely ghost forager friend! She holds a hand picked bouquet of fungi just for you. Could you ever imagine anything more darling? Once again, Tamara has outdone herself recreating my design in silver. Along with her bouquet, her sheet is studded in teeny dead man’s fingers and turkey tails.

She’s one of a kind, and has found her home. But we’ve still got a couple kitty jack-o’-lantern pendants looking theirs, and many more wonderful collabs on the cards. So stay tuned. 🐈‍⬛🌙♥️

Ghost Forager Friend

Collaborations with Swindled Podcast

I was lucky enough to work on a series of illustrations for one of my favourite true crime podcasts: Swindled.

If you haven't heard it, what are you doing? Take your red pill and listen to an episode now! You can find the show on their website, spotify or apple podcasts. A concerned citizen exposes unthinkable crimes, motivated by greed.

Zine and merch (that you definitely do not need) coming soon to! 

Swindled Illustrations