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On winter's fringes

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

As we reach the edge of the season, and move into winter, I can’t help but feel a bit melancholy. I just love autumn more than anything. Of course there’s the obvious: mushrooms flourishing and fruiting in abundance from October to later November. As well as halloween being my favourite holiday, combining three of my favourite things: creepy stuff, dressing up and chocolate! Though that didn’t really happen this year, there’s always the next one, and I certainly enjoyed the season nonetheless. I'll be waiting in winter for spring to show her face again. I enjoy my sunshine.

As the evergreens are fast becoming some of the only green I see while out in the woods, my fungal finds are more infrequent. Still, while walking across Hampstead heath today I found a fair few. Though the cold air definitely bit me, I believe the microclimate in London causes the shrooms to linger longer. I found a rose quartz wand on the floor by the pond as I walked on to Hampstead heath. It felt like a little gift from the universe.

The Cotoneaster bushes are turning all shades of red, yellow, orange and peach. They’re a feast for my eyes, nature's fireworks.

On Thursday last week (12.11.20) I went to Stanmer woods. I’ve never been very excited by jelly ears. They’re edible, and used in many oriental stir frys and broths, though I do not find the texture culinarily enticing. But I gotta say, after finding these ones, I’m smitten. They were so alien and otherworldly, or much like anemones lining a seabed. I propped the log up against a tree and took lots of photos. I wanted to capture how they wound around the decomposing limb, tapering off in to smaller ears. Absolute masterpiece, and would make for a terrific print one day when I feel inspired.

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