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A perfect peacock


Late in march I was lucky enough to see a peacock butterfly - my favourite British butterfly!

The previous one I’d tried to photograph this season failed to make an appearance in the photograph. I could have sworn it was right THERE! I did however get a nice photograph of some croci? Anyway queue me this time, slinking silently towards the butterfly, iphone drawn... no time to ready my DSLR camera, oh no. I had to be quick.

As the fates would have it: a perfect shot!! I was ecstatic.

This butterfly will make a beautiful reference for an illustration. If not a tattoo design for someone else, perhaps my own? I definitely want a peacock butterfly somewhere on my body.


I managed to photograph another peacock in the graveyard! Or perhaps it was even the same one? I got some beautiful side angle shots, but none were quite as beautiful as that first shot.

Later that day, I found some forget-me-nots growing in my garden. These are one of my favourite flowers, ever since I was a little girl. I love their colour-schemes: varying shades of blue and mauve.

Imagine how lucky I was to also discover this lovely ladybug amongst their leaves!

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