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Hampstead and Highgate

On Wednesday 4th of November I met with Claudia whom I connected with over a mutual love of mushrooms. Her daughter Yammy, a childhood best friend of my sister’s, had put us in touch. I’m so glad she did! It’s really lovely connecting with people whom share such a deep appreciation for the natural world. With her vocation in herbal medicine, and mine in illustration, our combined gaze met the woods with verve. We covered a lot of ground across Hampstead heath, and then down to highgate woods. It was a peaceful day, the sun shone on us and we enjoyed the fruits of autumn.

Some of the fungi we found: mycena mushrooms infected with spinellus fusiger (that was adorned in crystallized dew), yellow stagshorn, turkey tails, a few fly agarics, variable oysterlings, sulphur tufts and trooping funnels.

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