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First signs of spring

Updated: May 9, 2021

Well thank f for that, I couldn’t take much more of winter lockdown. Now that the sun is up, I’m taking walks in the park more often. As the first buds of spring blossom, the air carries their subtle fragrances. It’s a comforting feeling, noticing as the days grow longer, I feel like the incentive to get out and see the world grows. Persephone beckons me out of my hibernation.

The first flowers I’ve noticed are croci of all shades, daffodils and narcissi. I thought these pigeons walking amongst the croci looked rather romantic.

I saw another blood moon the other day. Not only was it bright orange and red in hue but it was HUGE! I so wish I could have captured it on my camera, but I didn’t even begin to do the site justice. It filled up the horizon, like an alien planet gleaming in the night sky.

My cat Saffy likes to explore the garden, especially when it’s sunny. She loves climbing the little buddleja tree the most. She also likes trying to escape, and as she is still only small, I have to stay a bit vigilant. Don’t want her wandering too far. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the buddleja in bloom and attracting butterflies again.

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