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Butterfly gardens

Updated: May 19, 2021


I was scrolling through facebook and I saw an advert: “Butterfly park tickets available" in a place not too far away. Hell yes I wanted to go to the butterfly park! I quickly booked a ticket for later that week. I told my friend Fiona about it, she was taken with the idea too, and tagged along with her friend Caela. We all loved it immeasurably!

Walking in to the tent, I was greeted with flutter of butterflies right past my face. It was a dream. I was amongst so many different species. Butterflies of all patterns and hues. I noticed some queen caterpillars, and an Atlas moth too, the biggest species of moth in the world.

After we left, I was quick to get each of the butterflies I saw identified. I posted my photos in “The moth and butterfly identification forum” on facebook. Boy, were the people in that group quick! Some of the butterfly common names are so well suited. Blue moon, Leopard lace wing... anyway, let’s take a look at some of the photographs I took:

Blue moon - Hypolimnas bolina - Madagascar, Asia and Australia


Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful butterflies I saw that day. Such a vivid blue against a jet black wing. What a wonderful name they have too! Only the males of the species have the dramatic "blue moon colouration" and all males look the same. The females are much more varied in patterns.

Clipper - Parthenos sylvia - Forests of Asia

WOW!!! This one is my absolute favourite. To me, the wings look like marbled paintwork.

Atlas Moth - Attacus atlas - Forests of Asia


The biggest species of moth in the world, with a wingspan surface area up to 160 cm2. When these guys metamorphosis from caterpillars into moths, they lose their mouth. The energy they have stored is used to seek out a mate and procreate. The female will sit waiting for a male. The male uses his large feathered antennae to sense her pheromones. He can detect her pheromones even up to several kilometeres away.

Blue cracker - Hamadryas - South America, Arizona and costa Rica

Acquired their common name from the unusual way the males produce a "cracking" sound as part of their territorial displays.

Common crow - Euploea core - Asia and Australia

Doris longwing - Heliconius doris - Central America and the Amazon

Emerald swallowtail - Papilio palinurus - Southeast Asia

That shimmering green ombre over black colour scheme really grabbed my attention.

Great Helen - Papilio iswara - Southeast Asia

Like glittering fairy wings.

Great Mormon - Papilio memnon - South Asia


To be the subject of one of my next commissions!

Great Mormon


Striking; goth king butterfly!

Leopard lacewing - Cethosia cyane - India and China

My grandma said these were her favourite, so I may have to draw them for her. The patterns on their wings remind me of tribal art. Absolute masterpieces.

Malachite - Siproeta stelenes - Central and South America

Named after one of my favourite gemstones, very appropriately indeed!

Plain tiger - Danaus chrysippus - Asia/Australia/Africa

Queen caterpillar

Tree nymth - Idea leuconoe - Asia and Australia

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