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A little break

I’ve taken a break from my blog for a long time now, as I’ve been putting all my love and devotion in to my illustrative work. Does that mean I haven’t been out in nature, taking lots of photographs? Heck no, of course I have. I live for nature, and all of it's inspiration. And it’s about time I started sharing my finds with you again, as they’ve veered on the fantastical.

In the past couple years, I moved from Brighton to London. Even though I grew up here, it's hectic getting back in to city life. But I’m lucky enough to live very close to Hampstead Heath. Despite being in the heart of one of the oldest and most populated cities in the world, it is quite the kaleidoscope of biodiversity. Each venture out has provided me with a new wonder, especially through the autumn season. My favourite time of year.

Finding coral mushrooms

(Ramaria Stricta)

Bird’s nest


Amethyst deceivers

(Laccaria amethystina)

Feeding crows


Fly agaric

(Amanita muscaria)

Crimped gill

(Plicaturopsis crispa)

European garden spider

(Araneus diadematus)

Having said this, I still find myself with itchy feet. I’m desperate to find myself in the states, Washington Hoh rainforest to be exact. Let’s see what next year brings? I got family out there too that I need to visit...

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