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A fox!


In an effort to keep up my streak of outdoorsyness, I went out again the day after. Oh my am I glad I did! Walking around the graveyard, I caught site of a fox on a raised bit of grass. Not a rare site in the least, particularly here in the graveyard. "No dogs allowed" provides quite a peaceful nirvana for them, and for cats too, to explore this wildscape unabashedly. But this fox wasn’t exploring, hunting or skittishly turning tail as soon as he’d caught site of me. This fox was basking in the sunshine. It was such an unusual site. A first for me.

He continued to bask, even as we made eye contact. I smiled at him, and he seemed to smile back. He knew I was no threat to him, and I’m not sure anything would have interrupted his sunbathe. I proceeded to take as many photographs as I could, as it was one of the cutest sites I’d ever seen. He curled, stretched, and splayed himself in the sun’s rays, like a little kitten on a windowsill. We had a few lovely moments of acknowledgement. It was a really peaceful little scene.

He reminded me of my own cat, Saffron, no doubt as she has a gingery hue too. Of course, she loves a bit of sunshine too.

I also saw a little robin.

Here is a picture I took of my little Saffy that morning before I left for my walk. What a face!

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