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A fly anniversary

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The 20th of October 2019 was the day I first achieved my goal of finding fly agaric mushrooms. That same day this year, I returned to Stanmer park, unto the same spot; and there they were! The same mass of mycelium lies under the birches all year round, out of site, until the scarlet fruits emerge from their leafy bed. Extraordinary! There weren’t as many as there were last year, but there’s sure to be a second flush. Here are some flys amongst some other finds.

I shall be returning soon to check on the patch, and see how the youngins are coming along. Deeper into the forest, I found a rather juicy looking vine of black bryony berries. They glowed red as the fly agarics did amongst the trees.

It was a wonderful day, but I lament I am yet to find any coral fungus. I’d also be content with spying an amethyst deceiver or a parrot waxcap. I really ought to go to the new forest.


26.10.20 it was another lovely day and following some heavy rain, I returned to the woods. The flys were flourishing, and I also came upon a rock n' roll concert of candle snuff fungus that was really quite something

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