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Nature Confetti - Vinyl Stickers

Nature Confetti - Vinyl Stickers

Each scoop of sticker confetti is indvidually curated with 6+ stickers! You’ll receive a mystery mix of micro fauna, flora and fungi. So many extraordinary wonders of nature…

Will you scoop a cicada or a field mouse, perhaps? A luna moth or fiddlehead fern? Maybe a sunflower or ladybird? Or even a baby opossum or dart frog. 🐸🌻🦋🌿🍄

Super high quality, beautiful and waterproof. Adorn your windows, cars, mirrors, suitcases, coffee machines, musical instruments, or whatever you fancy!

Sticker size range: 0.04 - 5cm / 0.015 - 1.96”

1 scoop = 6+ stickers

2 scoops = 12+ stickers

3 scoops = 18+ stickers

Comes in a mini handmade envelope. ✉️

  • My promise

    The upmost care is taken to insure that your art arrives in mint condition. Your sticker confetti will be sealed within a teeny tiny envelope, inside a larger cardboard backed envelope.

  • Returns & refund policy

    Any issues at all, get in touch! I can offer you a refund or exchange on return. ♥️

  • Worldwide shipping available - Standard or tracked

    For shipping you have the choice of standard or tracked. I strongly suggest choosing tracked shipping for larger orders.

  • Installation

    Although the vinyl decals are waterproof once stuck, make sure surfaces are smooth, clean and dry before installation.

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