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Insects - Vinyl Stickers

Insects - Vinyl Stickers

🦋 Insects - Vinyl Sticker Set 🪲


Pulled directly from Sharon’s serotonin, this stunning sticker set features seven species of moth, butterfly and beetle, accompanied by their host flora.



Spanish moon moth - Pine needles

Metallic stag beetle - Apple (blossom)

Harris' three spot moth - Winterberries

Sphinx moth - Virginia creeper

Metallic wood boring beetle - Fig leaves

Giant blue swallowtail - Orange blossom

Priam's birdwing - Pipevine


My vinyl stickers are super high quality and waterproof. Adorn your windows, cars, mirrors, suitcases, coffee machines, musical instruments, or whatever you fancy!


A5: 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 in - 148 x 210 mm


Individual sticker sizes vary.

  • My promise

    The upmost care is taken to insure that your art arrives in mint condition. Each piece is sealed in a protective cello slip. All products come with two free woodland themed stickers! These can be kept a surprise, or get in touch to choose your favourites. ☺️

  • Returns & refund policy

    If your product arrives to you damaged in transit, please let me know! If you chose tracked and insured postage,  you're fully covered. You can then choose to have a replacement sent your way asap, or a full refund. If you opted for standard shipping, please get in touch and explain the issue to me, and I we will work out a solution!

  • Worldwide shipping available - Standard or tracked

    For shipping you have the choice of standard or tracked and insured. I strongly suggest choosing tracked and insured shipping for larger orders.

  • Installation

    Although the vinyl decals are waterproof once stuck, make sure surfaces are smooth, clean and dry before installation.  

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