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Fungi Specimens - Velvet Throw Pillowcase

Fungi Specimens - Velvet Throw Pillowcase

The new and improved fungi specimen pattern just dropped! Featuring 34 distinctive species, this pillowcase is a mycological kaleidoscope.   


Printed on a shimmery velvet fabric, my fungi specimen pillowcases come in black & white (with more colour options coming soon). The cases have a grey velvet on the opposing sides, and a heart shaped zipper pull. The quality is so wonderful, the illustrations seem to glow.
Pillowcase collection:


🦋 Lepidoptera

🍄 Fungi Specimens

🗝️ Secret Garden

🌿 Wildwood Eden
🪸 Marine Mosaic
✨ Incantations
🐞 Micro Menagerie
*Please note: this listing is for a 43x43cm pillowcase only. You will need to purchase a 45x45cm / 18x18” pillow insert for your case separately. 💙 

The fungi specimens pattern features:
1. Magpie inkcap (Coprinopsis picacea)

2. Parachute fungi (Campanella tristis)

3. Pagoda fungus (Podoserpula)

4. Common puffballs (Lycoperdon perlatum)

5. Fly agaric (Amanita muscaria)

6. Liberty caps (Psilocybe semilanceata)

7. Wine glass (Cookeina speciosa)

8. Fluted bird's nest (Cyathus striatus)

9. Chanterelles (Cantharellus sp)

10. Rose pink waxcap (Cantharellus lilacinus)

11. Jelly ears (Auricularia auricula-judae)

12. Morel (Morchella sp)

13. Cage stinkhorn (Clathrus ruber)

14. Marasmius sp

15. Strict branch coral (Ramaria stricta)

16. Pixie parasol (Mycena interrupta)

17. Black bulgar (Bulgaria inquinans)

18. Candlesnuff fungus (Xylaria hypoxylon)

19. Devil's fingers stinkhorn (Clathrus archeri)

20. Turkey tails (Trametes versicolor)

21. Honey fungus (Armillaria sp)

22. Sky blue mushroom (Entoloma hochstetteri)

23. Bear's tooth (Hericium americanum)

24. Shaggy inkcap (Coprinus comatus)

25. Penny bun (Boletus edulis)

26. Mycena sp

27. Hen of the woods (Grifola frondosa)

28. Veiled stinkhorn (Phallus indusiatus)

29. Rosy bonnets (Mycena rosea)

30. Fairy inkcaps (Coprinellus disseminatus)

31. Oysters (Pleurotus sp)

32. White saddle (Helvella crispa)

33. Dead man's fingers (Xylaria polymorpha)

34. Devil's urn (Urnula craterium)


Please scroll along to see the numbered nature key. 

  • My promise

    The upmost care is taken to insure that your velvet pillowcase arrives in mint condition. Each item is wrapped up in tissue paper, and sent in a padded envelope / box (depending on order size). All products come with surprise woodland themed vinyls!  ☺️

  • Returns & refund policy

    Any issues at all, get in touch! I can offer you a refund or exchange on return. ♥️


  • Worldwide shipping available - Standard or tracked

    For shipping you have the choice of standard or tracked. I strongly suggest choosing tracked shipping for larger orders.

  • Caring for your velvet

    • For velvet, it's recommended to spot clean only
    • Mix a teaspoon of a delicates detergent in a bowl with two cups of cold water
    • Dip a soft white clean cloth, wring out well before dabbing stains until the stain loosens
    • Avoid rubbing velvet cushions to limit damage to the delicate fabric tufts
Colour: Black & White
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